De Nyuh Indulge Massage

  1. Reflexology
    A very exclusive therapy applied to shin, calves and feet using aromatic oils and special pressure techniques, elminating fatique and Haynes.

    60  minutes  |  IDR  100.000

  2. Tension Relief
    Local massage applied on the upper part of body, focusing on back, neck shoulders and hands, in combination with aromatherapy oils.

    30 minutes | IDR 60.000

  3. Mobilizer
    Mobilizer massage is heavenly Head Massage gives you a unique edge. It is an access code to the nerve center of the body through the medium of magical touch. This unique upper body for neck, head and face rounds out the skills of any massage therapist. Healing benefits are inability to relax all inhibit the healing process.

    30 minutes | IDR 60.000