Denyuh Mains

  1. Balinese Massage 
    Experience the wonder of traditional Balinese technique that includes long, slow strokes, kneading and stretching and light acupressure stimulation. Relieve muscle tension, improves blood circulation. This massage can help to improve the function of the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular, and nervous system.

    60  minutes  |  IDR  130.000
    90  minutes  |  IDR  175.000

  2. Revitalize Massage
    Using muscle melting and deep pressure massage movements, we massage deep into the belly of the muscle, erasing stress, tension and lactic acid build up. Each treatment is customized to focus on your area of concern.

    60  minutes  |  IDR  130.000
    90  minutes  |  IDR  175.000

  3. De Nyuh Signature Facial
    This heavenly facial will make you feel like goddess with its natural receipt of lime, honey, and grated candlenut. Combined with fresh cucumber that will leave your skin glow and fresh

    60 minutes | IDR 130.000

  4. Hot Stone Massage 
    We use heated stones to melt away your tensions. Therapeutic heat is slowly released into the belly of the muscle for a completely new body experience. The stones also place on key energy points. the combination of traditional massage and deep penetrating heat will balance the spirit and transport you the ultimate state of bliss.

    90 minutes | IDR 175.000

  5. DeNyuh Manicure and DeNyuh Pedicure
    A traditional manicure or pedicure including filling, cuticle stimulation, nail shape, and color. Followed by relaxing massage and polish application which guests can select for their needs

    DeNyuh Manicure | 60  minutes  |  IDR  110.000
    DeNyuh Pedicure  | 60  minutes  |  IDR  130.000

  6. Reflexology
    Inspired by an ancient Chinese philosophy that the vital of the body are connected and mirrored to reflex points in the feet by energy channels called “MERIDIENS” this deeply relaxing foot massage aims to unblock any latent energy and revitalize mind and body. Reflexology can improve health and is a blissful as it beneficial.

    60  minutes  |  IDR  130.000
    90  minutes  |  IDR  175.000